PM Narendra Modi: Those Who Are Planning against Me Will Get Nothing Except Dust in Their Mouth

Recently, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Those who are conspiring against me will have to bite dust in their mouth.” He also referred to the UPA government as ‘anti-development’ and “incapable of taking the right policy decisions.”

Last Sunday, the PM visited his native town Vadnagar after long seven years. In fact, this was his first visit to Vadnagar after becoming the Prime Minister. He worshipped at Lord Hatkeshwar Mahadev temple and said that Bhole Baba had given him enough strength to deal with people who spit venom against him.

He also said that with the grace of God, he has served the nation with dedication over these many years and will be doing the same in the future too.

In his statement, he mentioned that he was from the land of Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, which means no one can take his place. And at the same time, he warned that thieves come and go but truth and honesty always wins.

In his speech of 30 minutes, Modi indirectly attacked Congress and described them as “anti-development“, who did nothing during their ruling period but as and when Atal Bihari Vajpayee took the responsibilities of PM, the health policy was framed.

Modi launched “Intensified Mission Indradhanush” and said this health policy is well advanced and will cover the full immunisation plan.

It was after seven years that Modi returned to his birthplace. In order to give him a hearty welcome, thousands of people stood in a queue along the side of a road, which was around seven-kilometer from Gunja Air Strip to Vadnagar.

Women greeted him with flowers, while some people were found running alongside his VIP vehicle just to capture his pic on their smartphones. He visited his school “B N High School”, kneeled at the school ground, took some soil and applied as tilak twice on his forehead.

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