Opposition Alleges Election Commission of Coming under BJP Pressure

The assembly terms of two important states Himachal and Gujarat are coming to an end in January 2018. The Election Commission announced the poll dates for Himachal, but said that it will announce the dates for Gujarat elections later. This has created ripples in the political arena with opposition blaming the BJP government for it. Once the poll dates are

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PM Narendra Modi: Those Who Are Planning against Me Will Get Nothing Except Dust in Their Mouth

Recently, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Those who are conspiring against me will have to bite dust in their mouth.” He also referred to the UPA government as ‘anti-development’ and “incapable of taking the right policy decisions.” Last Sunday, the PM visited his native town Vadnagar after long seven years. In fact, this was his first visit to Vadnagar

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Kent Turbo Grinder & Blender: Your Ideal Kitchen Companion for Food Processing

Blending and grinding are the most important food processing requirements in any house. Without the help of an excellent blender and grinder like Kent Turbo Grinder & Blender, cooking in between hectic schedule is almost impossible. You end up spending much more on unhealthy meals from outside just to reduce your cooking work when you can do the same while

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