Opposition Alleges Election Commission of Coming under BJP Pressure

The assembly terms of two important states Himachal and Gujarat are coming to an end in January 2018. The Election Commission announced the poll dates for Himachal, but said that it will announce the dates for Gujarat elections later.

This has created ripples in the political arena with opposition blaming the BJP government for it. Once the poll dates are announced the model code of conduct comes into effect immediately. This code bars the government from making any announcement about a new project or scheme as it might tilt the voters on its side.

A visit by the PM has been scheduled in Gujarat next week and it is expected to address the booth level workers of the party. The meeting is to take place on the outskirts of Gandhinagar at Bhat village. Thus, the Election Commission’s decision for not announcing the poll dates for Gujarat has given a ground for suspicion to the opposition.

S.Y. Quraishi, the Former Chief Election Commissioner said that he was surprised by EC’s decision and it also goes against the “spirit of simultaneous polls.”

He further said, “What were the compulsions of EC to announce the poll dates for Himachal and not Gujarat? They must have some good reasons to justify this. Mr. Modi’s visit to Gujarat next week creates a ground of suspicion and it’s unfortunate.”

If two states are to go for polls together then the results have to be announced together otherwise the results of the first election can influence the results of the other. Keeping this in mind the poll dates should be announced together and since this is not happening, it has raised questions on both the Election Commission and the BJP government.

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