Narendra Modi’s Pakistan Remark: Islamabad Says Don’t Drag Us In Between

It seems things are turning nasty in Gujarat election polls. Recently, in a rally PM Modi said that Congress is having a secret meeting with a Pakistani official to turn the election in their favor.

Pakistan rebuffed the allegations made by the Prime Minister during a poll rally at Sanand yesterday where he named a former Army DG as the co-conspirator with Congress.

Denying the remark of this secret meeting with Congress leaders, Pakistan’s High Commissioner in New Delhi, Foreign Office Spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said that India should not drag Islamabad into their Gujarat Election.

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi also rejected the allegations made by Mr. Narendra Modi. He said that PM Modi’s agenda in Gujarat had flopped like a bad movie.

Pakistan’s spokesperson Faisal termed Prime Minister’s remark as a “baseless and irresponsible” comment. “BJP should stop dragging Pakistan into its electoral debate and win on their strength rather than fabricating conspiracies which are completely baseless and irresponsible,” Faisal wrote on Twitter.

The tweet was posted in a clear-cut response to Narendra Modi’s remark accusing Congress leaders of meeting Pakistan’s High Commissioner at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s residence in New Delhi.

Things are still fuzzy, but according to the media, BJP is still ahead in the campaign. Congress is also trying to convey their agenda to the people, and make their mark. It would be quite naive to underestimate Congress. They are still in the game and can turn the things upside down anytime.

We have to wait for the few more months to see the result. Till then sit tight and keep reading our blog, we’ll bring you the latest updates about Gujarat elections.

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