Gujarat Election Results: Eight Percent Fewer Women Than Men Voted; Overall Turnout 84 Lakh Less Than 2012

Elections are always the centric point in India. In Gujrat, elections have been carried on and people have voted the politicians & parties they admired the most and have promised to bring a dramatic change in the economy.

As per the Election Commission, 2.08 crore are women out of the total voters of around 4.3 crores. The statement of the Election Commission has shown that this time there were more favorable votes for BJP as compared to Congress. Comparing with Congress, 10 % more women have casted votes to BJP. But if we look at the overall votes, then EC has reported that in this Assembly election, almost 8 percent women have not even cast their votes as compared to men’s votes. This is not a pleasing situation for the Gujrat region.

The extraordinary thing in these elections was the biased gender ratio in casting votes. In 2017, the gender ratio was 920:1000 as compared to 2012 when the women count was 910 and the male count was 1000. Around 38% are women in the total voters of about 11.85 lakh teenagers.

 From one region to another region, the gender ratio differs. There is a huge difference in sex ratio especially in Gujrat. As per socialists, there are 886 girls against 1000 males. District wise, this ratio differs a ton and hence the ratio of women & men voters are different. In the areas of Tapi and Dangs, women voters were more, however, in Banaskantha district, female voters were just 22155 as compared to male voters, which were 42692. The new women voters in the areas Botad, Mehsana and Dev Bhoomi Dwarka were only 35%.

The reason behind fewer women voters may be the excessive hike in prices of essential products and moreover, the magic of Modi is no longer attracting the women voters now. And, the youngsters got highly affected by less development in engineering & medical area along with closure of educational institutes. One more reason for fewer women voters is that the insecurity of women has increased manifold.

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