Fatwa against Patriots in Gujarat Elections 2017: A Real Shock

Gujarat elections are coming and things are getting tensed there. Recently, Archbishop in Gujarat warned nationalists that a fatwa will be issued in their name. It’s been few days after GandhinagarArchbishop Macwan warned “nationalist forces” and also urged Christians to pray for the one who is kind and humble and “respect every human being.”

“Humanity is in our veins and our values,”Modi said in a speech. “Unfortunately, it comes so naturally to us that we should never brag about it t. I was shocked when a religious authoritative person issued a fatwa asking patriots to be ousted,” said Narendra Modi. He said this in a public meeting after the inauguration ofSwaminarayanGurukulPratisthanam (SGVP) hospital, in the Gandhinagar highway in Ahmedabad.

While he did not mention the name of Macwan in his speech, but he also added that he believes in helping people without considering their caste or nationality and that is the basic essence of our sanskara. And nothing could be more worrisome that this that people are issuing fatwa against this.

Modi also mentioned the examples of few countries including Nepal and Yemen, saying Indian agencies have rescued some foreign nationals there. He also talked about the Minister SushmaSwaraj’s efforts in granting visas to those who were stranded in Pakistan. “These are things that should be seen in the eyes of humanity.”

It seems again that Modi is playing its Hindu Card in the state. It would be quite naive to say who is heading in the Gujarat. But things seem to become interesting as Congress is also trying their best to make their mark. While some say that history is likely to repeat itself but nobody knows whose political move will help in winning the election.

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