Fatwa against Patriots in Gujarat Elections 2017: A Real Shock

Gujarat elections are coming and things are getting tensed there. Recently, Archbishop in Gujarat warned nationalists that a fatwa will be issued in their name. It’s been few days after GandhinagarArchbishop Macwan warned “nationalist forces” and also urged Christians to pray for the one who is kind and humble and “respect every human being.” “Humanity is in our veins and

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After Congress Protested against Ordinance, Rajasthan Assembly has been adjourned

The Rajasthan State assembly witnessed an uproar today. The Congress legislators were seen protesting the ordinance that is a Rajasthan Amendment regarding the tabling of Criminal Laws. The Assembly had already expected these protests to happen and therefore it has been adjourned till tomorrow. As the Special Session began at the Assembly, the government under Vasundhara Raje looked concerned by

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