After Rajya Sabha adjournment, Sachin takes to Facebook

Recently, after being denied opportunity to speak in the Rajya Sabha, Sachin Tendulkar has taken the matter to Facebook to talk about the importance of sports and body fitness in the day to day life.

Sachin has recorded a live video message on Facebook, saying, “There were few things that I wanted to communicate to you all from deep down my heart. I will try to convey the message on Facebook.” Sachin said that his father Ramesh Tendulkar gave him the greatest gift of his life: the right to play and the freedom to play.

Sachin added that his father always supported him and encouraged him to play, which showed the importance of sports and fitness in his life.

He said we all see many pressing matters that require the attention of our life. It includes economic growth, poverty, health, and food security.

Sachin also spoke about sports mentioning that health and fitness in India have a telling impact on the economy. The master-blaster said that he has a better vision of India. He added that ‘Jab swath Hua Yuva, tab desh main Kuch Hua.’

The Rajya Sabha MP also mentioned about how to manage the priorities in the country. We need a proper plan and structure to become a sporting nation. He also commented that fitness session has now become light.

Sports has an amazing power that helps in building the nation. Sports can build character for individuals that ultimately leads to the character for India, the master-blaster said.

Sachin emphasized a lot on importance of sport adding, “we must build a sporting culture in India. Otherwise unhealthy India is recipe for disaster”.

A lot of fans supported his statement and added, “we have to manage our priorities, without healthy people, we can’t build a healthy nation.” Some also had other point of views. They said that Sachin can’t simply shirk off the political responsibilities bestowed on him.

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