A Tough Test for Rahul: Gujarat Polls A head

There are just two months left before one of the most dominating BJP state polls. Congress has already started the campaigning, spearheaded by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

Congress has been out of power since last two decades in Gujarat. Obviously, takingthe current scenario into consideration, it seems quite difficult for the congress party to win this battle. The BJP president Amit Shah has already set an ambitious target of winning 150-plus seats in the 182-member House.

As a part of the campaign, the congress leaders will join the 4,000km yatra in Gujarat. This yatra will start from September 22. According to sources, this journey would start from Saurashtra and go through North Gujarat for four days in the first phase. Later, Rahul Gandhi is supposed to hold similar yatra in Central and South Gujarat.

Tight security arrangements were made because when he went to Gujarat last time, stones were hurled at his car.

The campaign seems to be highly strategized as the party leaders would be having interactions with the representatives of civil society organizations, industrialists,businessmen and traders. Gujarat is the hub of businessmen and they play a key role in every part.

It seems that Rahul is trying to entice this dominating community to win some bank votes; besides, things don’t seem to be in his favor.

According to Gujarat Pradesh Committee president Solanki, “Rahul will interact directly with all the workers from 182 assembly constituencies. There are chances; they would have interactions with NGO representatives, industrialists and other businessmen on this upcoming Monday and take feedback from them.”

He is expected to speak about the expectations from the Gujarat unit and give advice on the party’s strategy for the elections,” Solanki added.

Let’s see how things turn out for Rahul Gandhi as it seems quite difficult for Congress in the current situation.

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